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22.07.2018 23:52:48
22.07.2018 22:06:23
Worked great thanks for the account
22.07.2018 17:56:03
Very good offer
22.07.2018 6:40:35
Bought an account, 2 hours of play and it gets its password changed, I got proof and ill gladly send it, possibly get the account back or a new one. Old times. Got a new account it got rockstar support. To be fair the seller is very nice with his help I would recommend buying from him. If any troubles occur chat with him
21.07.2018 15:46:56
please answer meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
20.07.2018 20:49:42
This is account has change the password, please give me other account.
20.07.2018 7:22:58
WORST!! Very bad service , the account i bought disappeared on the next day and he didn´t want to give me another one.Im definitely not recommending it! BAD!
17.07.2018 12:29:57
Отличный продавец, заменил замену несколько раз без всяких проблем, рекомендую ;)
16.07.2018 4:31:51

I got my account in my mail immediately and the account worked...
However, it got HACKED even though I added an authentication. One day, I randomly received an email saying I requested to remove the authentication, which I didn´t. Hacker changed my password/email to the account I purchased, so I am unable to get it back after gaining expensive cars/millions on the account i purchased.
15.07.2018 13:13:01